It’s all about you…


We got married in 2012 and at the time, had never even heard of a celebrant – oh, the things we’d have done differently if we’d known! We spent months making sure the reception and all the little touches were fully personalised to really reflect us but the ceremony? Well, that seemed to be more about the minister than it was about us!

We’ve been to dozens of weddings over the years and can remember loads of the receptions and the parties, especially the personal elements that our friends and family included to make their wedding day special and unique. However, do we remember the actual ceremonies? Not many!!!

Let us help you make sure that the same can’t be said about your wedding. After all, the ceremony is why your guests are there – it shouldn’t just be the boring part everyone has to endure before being able to enjoy the rest of the day! Our commitment and attention to detail are second to none, so let us work with you to make it the best day of your lives.

We will create a one-of-a-kind, totally bespoke ceremony that will truly reflect you as a couple. There are no templates, no “insert name here” pro-formas – we start each ceremony writing process with a totally blank page. We’ll get to know you as a couple, your likes and dislikes, your wishes and hopes for the future.

The beauty of a celebrant-led wedding is that it doesn’t have to be held in a stuffy, formal licensed venue. Have your wedding in your back garden, your favourite bar, on top of a cliff – the possibilities are endless!

You can be as traditional or un-traditional as you like – ditch the rings, have a group singalong, dance down the aisle. Your wedding, your wishes, your rules, your day!



What about a renewal or a blessing?

Whether you want to celebrate a milestone anniversary, have a big party after a micro-wedding (covid style!), celebrate a wedding abroad right here at home, or simply re-do a wedding now that you know how fabulous a celebrant-led ceremony can be, our vow renewal service is the one for you.


We can craft your perfect ceremony, just as you want it – completely tailored to you. Check out our weddings page for more information about how we can help you create (or re-create) the day of your dreams.


Add an MC

Why not upgrade our celebrant service to include staying on to act as MC for the rest of the day?

A job often given to a (sometimes unwilling!) best-man, let us take the pressure off you and your bridal party and let you all get on with enjoying the party!

 As MC, we will:

  • Help the photographer co-ordinate groups for photos
  • Announce the next step of the day
  • Introduce the happy couple (if they want!)
  • Introduce and link between the speeches
  • Liaise with your other wedding suppliers to ensure the day runs smoothly

We are really good at reading the room, judging what type of guests you have – whether they need a bit of livening up or whether they are already on their way to a great party! 

We also have a whole host of wedding games that can be included within the reception, to help guests get to know each other, to provide a break between speeches, or even taken into another room to keep the day flowing whilst a room is being changed over.

We would typically switch from Celebrant to MC at the end of the ceremony and stay until the final announcement, which would typically be for the first dance.




Celebrant-led ceremonies in England and Wales aren’t legal at the moment. Only ceremonies held in licensed venues or approved religious buildings are currently legally recognised. There is a huge movement to give couples more choice and to allow celebrants to conduct legally binding ceremonies and this is the recommendation that has been passed to the government by the Law Commission. If approved (although this could take some time), it will be the person and not the building that will be licensed, and couples will have the freedom to personally select the person they want to officiate their legally binding ceremony.


This does mean that you will need to visit the local register office to carry out your legal ceremony. You can make an occasion of this and have two wedding days, or you can keep it completely low-key, leave your rings, vows and big celebration until your “proper” wedding day (with us!) and nobody even needs to know.