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Hi, I’m Nia.

I was a lawyer for fifteen years, but just wasn’t happy sitting behind a desk all day and I was searching for something to enable me to be more creative. I absolutely love weddings and can’t think of anything better than helping couples plan the ceremony of their dreams. Outside of Seren Celebrants, I also work alongside Huw at HAKA Entertainment. My years as a lawyer have taught me how to write in an articulate manner, attention to detail, and, of course, how to present to a crowd! I also have an encyclopaedic knowledge of “Friends” quotes, which can sometimes come in handy!

One of the main things I have taken with me from those years is how to support people during a stressful time. Planning a wedding is great fun, but it can all get a bit much sometimes. NOTHING is more important than your mental health, so I will be here for you anytime you just want to vent.


  • gin
  • iced coffee
  • anything peanut butter flavoured
  • true crime dramas
  • reading trashy magazines in the bath
  • watching food shows on TV
  • 90s music


  • tea (sorry!)
  • tequila
  • scrambled eggs
  • queue jumpers


Hi, I’m Huw.

Just like Nia, I was a lawyer for fifteen years, but always had the urge to be doing something far more creative and, well, fun! Back in 2017 I set up an entertainment agency called HAKA Entertainment and effectively dipped my toe into the wedding industry at the same time. Since qualifying as an independent celebrant I think it’s safe to say that the rest of me is now fully immersed into the world of weddings, and what a vibrant and love-filled world it is. I can honestly say that my own wedding was the best day of my life, so to be able to help couples create their own perfect day really is a dream come true. I promise to go the extra mile for you and if you’ve got an idea, however zany, let’s try and make it happen!


  • red wine
  • live music
  • generosity
  • everybody loves raymond
  • sparkly shoes


  • fennel
  • unreliability
  • queuing
  • bigotry
  • politicians dodging questions in interviews!